RoadMech offer assistance in cases of flat tyre, damaged tyre, ripped or bursted tyres.

A flat tyre is one of the most common issue you would face with your vehicle. You cannot always prevent flat tyres but general tyre maintenance can prevent the issues. You may also face blowouts on long routes that may be totally unexpected inconvenience right in mid of your way.

At RoadMech, we understand the inconvenient feeling of having a bad tyre and ensure you that our team will assist you through this issue.

We usally suggest our clients to always carry a spare tyre. If you have a spare tyre, that would seemingly reduce your stress. If you do not have one then no issues, RoadMech will support you and get you riding your vehicle soon.

Once you lodge a request with RoadMech, the nearest service station would dispatch a mechanic to fix your issue. We would follow up with:

  • A quick puncture fix if its a puncture
  • An air pressure check
  • Spare tyre replacement.
  • A new tyre as an offer.**

Usually a puncture by sharp object(like nails). is the most common reason for flat tyres followed by damaged valves.

Your tyre may also experience tears/blow out in case you took your vehicle around debris. If your tyre has been old or worn out, then you are more likely to face these issues.

We would make sure that your tyre is completely checked and would also offer a tyre replacement if it is required in any case.