RoadMech offers assistance for mechanical faults like engine issues, faulty lights, faulty brakes, mafunctioning electronics.

When your vehicle hits the road, you cannot comprehend the list of issues you may face with it. Issues in parts as trivial as engine lights and as critical as braking mechanism can really spoil your mood if gone untreated.

Whether it is your warning lights or your engine is causing troubles, RoadMech advisor would make sure to assist you throughout its fixing.

We usually suggest our clients to schedule a regular vehicle health checkup to ensure they do not run into last minute surprises when they hit the road.

Once you lodge a request with RoadMech, the nearest service station would dispatch a mechanic to fix your issue. We would follow up with:

  • A quick end to end checkup
  • An engine diagnosis followed by test ride
  • See if the issue can be fixed onsite.
  • Offer a towing service in case it is a deeper issue.**.**

There is not a fixed set of issues related to mechanical faults but most of the time it is related to brakes, ecu kits, engine working and sometimes radiators too.

In case the issue is requires a more thorough look into, we would suggest a towing service to the nearest RoadMech station or the service garage of your choice.

Your convenience is our priority and hence we make sure to keep you posted throughout the process about the progress of your service.